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Jan 10, 2012 at 07:47 AM

Vendor name should be updated in F110 (User exit by substituion)


Hello all,

I am doing payments for RTGS/NEFT through F110, BSEG-SGTXT should be filled with vendor name.

I tried this by substitution at acll up point 2 in OBBH by using User Exit. In user Exit we have written coading as Take BSEG-LIFNR where Account Type = K, go to LFA1 where BSEG-LIFNR=LFA1-LIFNR, Pick NAME1 for that LIFNR, & print that NAME1 in BSEG-SGTXT.

Now problem is, substitution is trigring but it is substituting BSEG-SGTXT by LFA1-NAME1 only for 1st line where account type = K (i.e Vendor Line item). System is not printing same NAME1 to the corresponding line item (i.e Bank Line item).

We want NAME1 at Bank Line.. Problem F110 runs at background, due to which we are not able to set any breakpoints & not able to do debuging also.