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FI - Sort Key config

Dear All,

My requiremnt is when i pass billing documnet my corrosponding accounting document - assignment field need to cpature Material (MATNR) from delivery document.

I have two options. One i can do it with user exit where BSEG will pick MATNR from corrosponding billing document.

Another option is i can do it with config of sort key. I made one sort key where in field 1 i put MATNR. And assign this sort key in Recon G/L master of corrosponding customer code. But it is not working.

Accounting document - assignment field is blank coming. Even i tried to assign that sort key in customer master but it is of no use.

Did i missed out anything?

Request your help!!!


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4 Answers

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    Jan 12, 2012 at 07:09 AM


    1. When you give the sort key the assignment field in FBL3N gets filled with the value that has been gien in the sort key.

    2. The second use is you can sort the assignment field in FBL3N.

    Another functionality or use of sort key is

    Where Sort Keys are created

    Use Tcode OB16.

    Why we are using sort keys.

    Straight answer to this is sort key offers great help in Automatic Clearing.

    First we understand how does it function. If you have created Bank GL and there you have used 001 (posting date) as sort key then whenever you make entry for that bank Gl your sort key "Posting date" is automatically updated in "Assignment" field unless you manually insert anything in assignment field.

    Let's take a simple example for why sort keys are helpful.

    Suppose, there is GR/IR account created with sort key 014 (Purchase Order) so at the time of

    1. Goods receipt Purchase order with item no will automatically filled in assignment field.

    Inventory dr. 15000

    GR/IR cr 15000.

    In GR/IR account item Assignment would be 150000 10.

    2. Invoice through MIRO will also feed Purchase Order with item no in assignment field.

    GR/IR dr . 15000

    Tax dr. 5000

    Vendot cr. 20000

    In GR/IR account item Assignment would be 150000 10.

    Now your entry is over. There are large number of such entries posted in the period for the GR/IR account.

    So, manual clearing becomes very tedious for GR/IR clearing account. In order to avoid that Automatic Clearing program is configured in OB74, where you give field ZUONR i.e. assignment in first criterion. So, line items with same assignment and amount will be cleared automatically upon F.13 transaction.

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      Ok Anil.

      I got ur logic.

      But then tell me why it is not working in my case.

      See i assigned one sort key containing firled MATNR (material) to Recon G/L and assign that recon G/L in customer master.

      Then create delivery and billing for that customer code and accounting document.

      But when i checked assignment field of that accounting document it was blank.

      I didn't understand why sort key doesn't pick up MATNR - material from delivery order.

      further this field is exist in BSEG also. In BSEG if you put document number = sales billing number system will pick MATNR from corrosponding delivery.

      If this works my sort key has to work na??



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    Jan 10, 2012 at 06:18 AM

    Check your settings in OB16

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    Jan 10, 2012 at 06:48 AM

    Sort key doesn't work here.

    You can use user exit.

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    Jan 18, 2013 at 11:37 AM

    Hi Akshata,

    The sort key will automatically populate the data in the Assignment number field only if the data is existing in any one of the database tables - BKPF or BSEG or BSEC or BSED.

    A sort key can be created to fetch the data from the MATNR field in BSEG table as the other tables BKPF, BSEC and BSED donot have a MATNR field.

    Hence please check the BSEG table and ensure that the MATNR field in the BSEG field is populated with your relevant Material Number.

    If the BSEG-MATNR field is populated, then please create a custom sort key by providing the BSEG MATNR as the required entry in the field - V_TZUN-FELD1 in the Transaction code - OB16.

    A Custom sort key is required since there are no standard sort keys provided by SAP for automatically populating the MATNR in the Assignment field.

    Please assign the custom sort key created above to the General Ledger of the Finished Goods sold.

    Please post a document and check whether the Assignment number field is populated with the Material Number.

    Please refer to the document posted in SCN for further details -

    Thanks and regards,

    G. Ajit Kumar

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