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Jan 10, 2012 at 04:59 AM

Textedit Number of Characters are varying


Hello All,

I am facing issue with textedit UI element in webdynpro abap.

The issue is the size of characters in the textedit varying depending on the language.

For example:Consider a textedit with cols size is given 74

For English in each row it is allowing 72 Characters , For Japanse Language around 32 characters are allowing in each row, For Russia allowing around 40 characters.

How can i make textedit should allow number of characters same irrespective of any language.Means for english it should allow 72 characters, for Japanse also 72 characters should be allowed.

Your pointers will be highly appreciated.

Background : I am using Textedit UI Element in HR Projects to save/display the text from backend. In the backend Module Pool screen Textedit UI element is allowing 72 characters irrespective of any language.

Note : I have tried with all properties of Textedit UI Element but behavior is same.