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Former Member
Jan 09, 2012 at 09:57 PM

Can you set the DTP Status to Fetched in process chain?


I have a situation where I do want the request to process in the ODS but do not like that request be further loaded to the CUBE.

I have a regular process chain that processes daily from external system to the ODS (let's say ODS_A) and then to the cube (let's say CUBE_A) and it is ok to load that to Cube.

Now I also have a special process Process chain once a week in the ODS_A that loads data to ODS_A but I only want to load t0 the ODS_A and make the cube CUBE_A to set the DTP to fetched and do not transfer the data to the cube for that special process once a week. I can do it manually every week after the special process finishes but can you also do it in the process chain?