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Jan 09, 2012 at 03:41 PM

Polymers/monomers tracking in SVT - has anyone used it?


I'm looking for any help using the polymers/monomers tracking functionality in Substance Volume Tracking.

I'm trying to use the new polymer/monomers tracking in SVT, but cannot get anything to mark as a polymer nor any monomers to be transfered to the composition table. I have created the phrase, entered teh phrase key in the required env parameter, created a new characteristic for SAP_EHS_1011_005 for the base (regulation) as I interpret the documenation for the polymer labeling and monomer composition IMG activity to require (well, I just picked a class that existed). Added the phrase to the phrase set for substance type in that same class (to identify teh substance as a polymer). Set the value to that phrase and that regulation for a substance that is a polymer and has a composition of monomers (in the monomers composition class SAP_EHS_1012_021 - which is also put into the IMG activity field for that requirement). In the scenario for REACH/IMP I have tried the polymers/monomers/do not track option on both polymers and monomers, but nothing ever gets marked as either a polymer or monomer and no monomer composition gets transferred to the composition table The substance itself gets transferred (it is a component of another substance and I want it to show up as a polymer and it's lowest ocmposition to be the monomers), but not marked as a polymer. All searches for programs, classes, interfaces, function modules, views, etc that would access the polymer/monomer switch in the composition table (ccrct_ehs_comp) turn up nothing, but I can find nothing that says additional code must be written to access this funcationality. Only have a couple of more weeks on this assignment and they just decided they want this functionality, so was hoping to avoid OSS msg if there was any other experience with this out there. Oh yeah, I did all the match up master data stuff to make the new characteristic show, the phrases show in the phrase set, etc... all that part works fine.

Any experience with this? No OSS notes that I've found,