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Jan 09, 2012 at 03:29 PM

Open Hub third Pary extraction in yellow state forever



Would appreciate any assistance in this regard.

Here's the situation:

1 - We have third party open hub extraction setup.

2 - All settings are fine : RFC destination, transformations, Open hub.

3 - Now the issue is that we have a third party system which is data stage and teradata.

4 - Now they trigger a job which in turn starts the PC in BW.

5 - This PC has 2 steps only. The start and the DTP.

6 - This DTP loads data from Info-object attributes to Open hub (basically a table).

7 - The DTP technical status is green but overall status stays yellow.

8 - Now I know that for 3rd party, we have several APIs and here's my understandin:

When the extraction is finished and technical status is green, BW notifies 3rd party through RSB_API_OHS_3RDPARTY_NOTIFY.

Then the 3rd party checks the data through RSB_API_OHS_DEST_READ_DATA.

Then if data is fine, the 3rd party send confirmation through RSB_API_OHS_REQUEST_SETSTATUS and the overall status turns to green.

Now I do not understand what's wrong because all of the above mentioned should complete automatically.

We have other openhubs with same RFC destination and they are completing successfully. Just for the information: We have recently moved to SP 10 on EHP1.