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Apr 26, 2005 at 08:40 PM

Problem - Table Interface & Dynamic filters & RSRT2


Hello everybody,

I am using the Table Interface and e_t_slicer; get_state_infos to build a string with dynamic filters into my web template for further processing. Then, I do


  • 'function tablefilters(){'

  • 'return("'

  • l_filter_string

  • '");}'

  • INTO l_coding.



  • CALL METHOD me->set_javascript_function


  • i_name = 'fillfilter'

  • i_coding = l_coding.

where l_filter_string is the filter string.

I call the javascript fn tablefilters in my web template which gives me a string with dynamic filters at any time.

This is working just fine when I add/modify a filter. But when I delete the filter in the Navigation block, the javascript is not updated and the filter string remains with the old filter.

The problem is when I tried to debug in RSRT2, when I deleted a filter and looked at the source code of the page, the filterstring was coming out right with no filter. When I do the same in a browser, even after deleting a filter the old filter remains in the filterstring.

What I observed is that in RSRT2, when I delete a filter, a new URl with the subcommand REMOVE_FILTER appears. But, in the browser, the url remains the same - No REMOVE_FILTER is added to the URL .The filter is removed, but the source code for the page still has the javascript fn with the old filter.

Why is there this difference in functionality between RSRT2 and the browser? Is there is a way for me to hit the table interface fn when I delete the filter in a browser?

Thanks a ton in advance.