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Jan 09, 2012 at 12:18 PM

Performance in pasing a table to an update function module



I am receiving apr. 1000 external calls through a webservice, receiving data in a structure. I want to redesign the solution to make one call receiving 1000 rows in a table instead. In my receiving method i want to call a function module in update task to be able to close the external call ASAP.

In an update function, all parameters are transferred by value, but as for large tables i have heard rumours that there is a difference in performance in how you pass the table:

1. Importing parameter is a table (defined with a table type).

2. Importing parameter is a deep structure (defined with a structure with a component defined with a table type).

I can not see how this could make a difference, but i just wanted to be certain before making a descision.

Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour - and if it is confirmed also explain why.


Best regards

Poul Steen Hansen

Senior Technical Consultant