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Jan 09, 2012 at 10:35 AM

DTP Request



I am writing a transformation from source to target. Source is header DSO while target is a merged DSO i.e. it will have merge records from header and item DSO. So, I am appending additional records in result_package while while writting routine for some of the fields.

Now the problem is after I run DTP a request gets generated and when I check new data table it gets populated accurately i.e. according to the transformation but the prblem lies when I activate the request. After activating the request data gets moved from new data table to active data table but some of the non-key fields of the target DSO for which I have written transformation doesnot gets populated. Dont know why...Please help.

I am also getting one error while activating the DTP request: activation sid for datastore object changed while activating the request.