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Jan 09, 2012 at 10:13 AM

bank Validation



This is my client requirement for Bank validation

"We have 3 GLs for a bank account. One, incoming,2nd outgoing and 3rd one is main.

User have to enter there voucher through incoming and outgoing gls only. And main gl is used for bank reco.

Balance of main bank gl is equal to balance in bank account as per bank statement. And through BDC and upload it YFI07 we reconcile the bank with the help of T Code FF67. After uploaded we run SM35 and system generate vouchers and pick the amount from outgoing and incoming as per uploaded in statement.

The requirement is that user must not be used the main gl in any transaction directly and it is used only through BDC work. But problem is this, that when we upload it through bdc, system count it as manual entry and if we make a check in GL of main account "Automatic Posting" system will give error in Bank Reco process. Thus we need solution which can fulfill both requirement."