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Jan 09, 2012 at 09:11 AM

203 Invoice Process chain Issue


Greetings All!

We have been facing an issue where the standard 203 Invoice PC has become cleint dependent .The client which it is pointing is not even existing in BI system configs.Due to this we are not able to open this process chain for editing as well..We tried to delete this process chain and re-instaal from the Business content,but when we are trying that still teh issue of client dependency is coming.The ssyetem gives an error stating

"Chain 0ASA_P041 can only be edited in client 300"

The extended message also shows the follwoing

Object 0ASA_P041 (Process Chain) could not be collected for object ()

Message no. RSO296


You have collected objects in the BI Metadata Repository. Associated objects for object of type have also been collected. Object 0ASA_P041 of type Process Chain was among these objects.

However, this object 0ASA_P041 of type Process Chain is not available in the metadata repository.

System Response

Object 0ASA_P041 of type Process Chain is ignored in further collections. The links for object of type are incomplete. This may result in you not being able to activate this object.


If this error occurs while you are installing BI Content, an error may have occurred during the delivery. Inform SAP. In all other cases, check that the object has not been deleted by another user during collection, for example.

Please assist,this issue is existing in both Dev as well as Quality enviroment.

Kind Regards,