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Jan 08, 2012 at 09:33 PM

Material BOMS and Construction Type



We want to use material BOMS as much as possible in our business. We want to link these to equipment objects via the construction type.

Issue is, if we have a motor setup as an equipment object, we may stock the whole motor as an individual stock item, as well as its individual components. In this case, we have a material number to represent the whole motor, and we create a materail BOM off this material number. This is loaded as construction type against the equipment object.

If we have a work order created for the equipment object, and want to replace the whole motor, we are not able to select the material number for the motor from the components list in the order. We get an error saying that the 'construction type is not intended as a materia component'.

How can we select the whole motor from the components list in this case? I know we can enter the material number directly, but would like to be able to select from the list.

It might make more sense to raise the work order at the parent functional location level in this case, but we don't want to hold the material number for the whole motor as a BOM item within the parent functional location either.

What is the best way to enable the material number for the whole motor to be selected from the components list in a work order?