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Jan 08, 2012 at 05:45 PM

PO Rejection - ORDSP Idoc Errors in ECC with different process codes


Hi All,

We were testing the Scenario where the Supplier rejects a PO line item as part of the PO Collaboration. On rejecting the PO in SNC, it trigerred an ROC XML with AcceptanceStatusCode == RE. The same was passed on from XML to Idoc in the IDoc segment E1EDP01, field ACTION = "003".

However, such ORDSP Idocs was failing on the ECC side during Inbound processing with the following errors:

1. Acknowledgment for PO item 4400000XXX 00010 contains quantity variance: Message no. ME794

2. Price unit 0 from IDoc differs from unit of purchase order 1: Message no. ME729

3. Order price unit differs from unit EA from purchase order: Message no. ME728

4. Order units differ : Message no. ME791

5. Material number differs from that of ordered material : Message no. ME790

Note : We dont get these errors for a normal confirmation. It happens only with Rejection.

The deletion indciator could not be set in the ECC PO line item even after manually correcting the above errors in the Idoc and posting it.

Then based on this SDN Post: [PO rejection in SNC does not update the items in MM with ORDRSP;, we changed the WE20 settings. i.e., for ORDSP Idoc changed the Process code from ORDR to ORDR_SUS. After this change, the the above errors were eliminated and the the rejection data was also updated on the ECC PO by setting a deletion indicator. But we are having the following issues:

1. Though both the confirmation & rejection data are getting transferred successfully, the Idocs remain in status 52 (Application document not fully posted).

2. The message in the status record is "Rejection of PO item 4400000XXX 00010 with reason: Message no. ME749

3. Came across these 2 related SAP Notes:

a. #1087422 : But this is not applicable as the note states that this error will occur only if we delete the PO line item before hand in ECC.

b. # 66192 : This note suggets a custom solution. But actually all the info from the ORDSP Idoc are getting processed successfully (Rejection & Confirmation send in the same Idoc). Only the status of the Idoc (Status = 52) is concerning us.

Looking forward for inputs / suggetions from those who have used the Rejection functionality in SNC without custom development.