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Jan 08, 2012 at 12:39 AM

Can't display values in parameter field correctly



i created 2 parameter fields, one to get the month and one to get the year when the report is run.

the month parameter field works fine.

the year parameter field displays a comma in the year.

i entered, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in the Value column on the parameter field dialog box, meaing i did not type in any commas.

they are displayed as 2,011, 2,012 and 2,013 in the parameter field drop down list, when the report is run.

on the create parameter dialog box, i set the Type to Number and set the allow custom values to false.

i looked for an option for format them on the create parameter dialog box, but did not see one.

i also created a formula field to display the month and year selected in the 2 parameter fields.

the month part of the formula displays correctly, the year displays as 2,012.00 on the report.

i tried using the yyyy to format the field, but got errors.

this is the formula that i used

"Orders For: " & MonthName({@WhatMonth}) &" " & CStr({@WhatYear})

i also tried using the Year and ToNumber functions but couldn't get them to work either.

Looking in the help file, did not return any examples of what i am trying to do, so i'm stumped.

any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you