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Jan 07, 2012 at 02:55 AM

PCR using WGTYP decision


Hi All,

I have to create a rule using wage types of ORT.Both wage types are available in ORT.The usage of wage type to calculate premium. is based upon to effective dates

From pay-period 012011 WGTYPE /8345

From pay-period 012012 WGTYPE /8346

Both will both wage types can be used to calculate the premium.

The scenario is if the premium has to be calculated in such a way that 1st 4 pay-period of 2012 using WGTYPE /8346 and 8 pay-periods of 2011 using WGTYPE /8345. How to achieve?


D CMPER 1126

>------- D WGTYPE?0

> /8346... calculate

<------- D WGTYPE?0

</8345... calculate

=------- D WGTYPE?0

=/8345... calculate

  • ******

Please suggest me how to proceed.

Thanks in adv!!!!