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Jan 06, 2012 at 08:15 PM

Problems with Set Datasource Location


I am using Visual Studio 2010 and have installed the beta Crystal developers tool kit to allow one to create reports in visual studio. It works amazingly well just like the old days but I am having problems with the 'Set Datasource Location.' I have reports created that point to sql server database tables. I want the reports to instead point to datasets. I use the 'Set Datasource Location' to point to the project datasets and it appears to have set properly in the designer. But when I go view the report within the crystalviewer dropped on my web page, i get the following error 'unknown database connection error'

Oddly enough I was able to fix the problem by:

1. Set Datasource Location to my dataset

2. went into the Database Expert andd added BACK the original source

3. save the report

4. go back into Database Expert and REMOVE the original source I just added back in.

5. Save and run and all was golden.

Has anyone had similar experiences? It appears that even after the Set Datasource Location there is residual information left in the report that is not allowing it to run.

Thanks for reading.