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Jan 06, 2012 at 07:35 PM

SAP Diagnostics Agent



I'm trying to understand SAP Daig Agent installation. I checked oss notes and Agents release strategy.

Need confirmation for the following before implementing:

- We don´t have to install and set up Diagnostics Agent in the ECC server if ECC 6.0 consists only of an ABAP stack.

In our SAP Landscape, we have ECC and BI. Both ECC and BI are ABAP based installation. Diag Agent can only be install on Dual stack or Java based installation. is it correct?

- Our Solution Manager version is 7.01 (SP26) and it is dual stack installation. Here we can install DA agent.

But as our Managed server (Satellite Servers) are not Java based, is there any benefit or requirement to Install

Diag Agent only for Solution Manager server? What would be the benefit if we need to install it on Solution Manager server?

(As per my understandind, The Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent (Diagnostics Agent) is the remote component of the E2E Root Cause Analysis. It allows to perform a connection between SAP Solution Manager as the managing system and the managed system(s) and then to gather information from the managed systems and reports them to the Solution Manager system.)

- SAP Host agent is only required if we have SAP Diag agent on managed systems. I have seen SAP Host agent in ECC server (in the operating system file system). Do we need it?

- Does it mean that we need Diag and Host aganet only in Solution Manager server?