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Jan 06, 2012 at 04:57 PM

Analysis authorisations for reference objects using navigation attributes


Hi Guys,

I have a similar situation for analysis authorisations of nav attributes of reference obejcts.

scenario description -

1. I have an object 0employee, for which we have made a nav attribute DATE as auth-relevant (0EMPLOYEE is not auth-releavant).

2.we have an info-object MANAGER, which is ref object for it is ref object it also has all attributes including NAV attribute DATE. But this object is not turned as auth-relevant. (system also didnt made this auth-relevant)

3. we have restricted the access for 0employee_date as : and DATE as : in the User analysis authorisation role.

4.We have a query where in we have MANAGER_DATE used in free characterstics.

Current results:

when we execute this report, instead of showing no authorisation due to FEEEARNER_DATE, report is running.

however, when you go to lcoal view of query and see the attributes of MANAGER you dont see this nav attribute DATE. This is expected behaviour,as this object is restricted using : access.


this behaviour of display vs nav attributes of the same object doesn't seem correct.

If display view is behaving correctly, why it is not applicable for nav attribute ?

i would like to understand if there is any soution for handling navigation attributes restriction for reference objects .. in this case HOW TO RESTRICT THE USER NOT TO SEE THE OBJECT MANAGER_DATE when the report is run, provided its Parent object 0EMPLOYEE_DATE & DATE ARE .

I am not sure if this is the behaviour of SAP's analysis authorisations.we have many ref objects with handful of nav attributes, if this is the only option left we will end up using more than 100 auth-objects (out of which many being the smae object used in ref objects like EMPLOYEE_DATE, MANAGER_DATE, SUPERVISOR_DATE.

Looking forward for any feasible options to handle this scenario at the earliest, please? let me know if you need any further clarifications.

many thanks in advance.