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Jan 06, 2012 at 03:04 PM

Recover DB2 database and rolforward



Maybe a very simple answer or solution but I couldnu2019t find a good answer.

I have recently migrated my Oracle database to a IBM DB2 9.7 database. Now I have to create and test a recovery plan for a system crash. This mean that I have to restore a offline backup of the SAP system including the database environment and roll the database forward. The restored database doesnu2019t know or has logging information of coming backup or logging information. This of restoring a full-off line backup.

I found the commands to restore the database backup and the redo log files which are written to a disk partition.

To restore the backup I could use the command:

Db2 restore database <SID> from <local-path> taken at <T1>

And to read the redologs with:

Db2 rollforward db <SID> to <T2> using local time.

So far I understand the redologs must be in the directory where parameter u201CLOGARCHMETH1u201D is pointing. These redologs are written to tape daily and removed from the directory. Could I simple restore the redologs from tape to the original directory of the parameter u201CLOGARCHMETH1u201D and start the roll-forward.

If not what do I have to do to roll the database forward from a complete off-line database backup?

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn