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Apr 26, 2005 at 12:38 PM

Adapter Framework Problem


Hi all,

I currently have a problem with the adapter framework (AF) of the exchange

infrastructure. After having configured a scenario including an inbound and an

outbound SOAP adapter I'm not able to send SOAP messages to XI via the AF. The

AF seems to be not running as i always get an internal server error when

sending a SOAP message.

When I view the AF in the component monitoring area of the runtime workbench

I see that the self-test of the AF fails. I the detailed list of the self-test

the test for the existence of a user fails. However the user "XIAFUSER" that is

set in the configuration of the AF exists on the Web AS.

Does anyone of you have an idea why the AF self-test fails and why the AF seems

to be not running?

Thanks for you help