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Jan 06, 2012 at 02:48 PM

EHP 5 - Foreign address - problem with drop down when using screen 99


Hi group

We have configures foreign address in portal so that for all foreign countries, we use the international screen.

When we use this screen, the following problem appears in the drop down list for countries:

1. I choose the country I need, eg USA

2. The drop down list field shows up empty.

3. I go into the list again. Now I have 3 empty rows + 2 rows with USA. I pick one of the USA

4. This time the country sticks in the field, but immediate message "fill out all required fields" show up.

This problem only occurs for country key 99. It occurs whether we use V_T7XSSPERFORADD with corresponding badi ENH_FOREIGN_ADDRESS_IMPL or we use feaure CSSCR with corresponding badi HRXSS_PER_FOR_ADD_CSSCR.

I have done a test setting the country specific key (eg 10 for USA), and seen that in this case the problem does not occur in any of the badi-scenarios.

It seems to me this is a bug, but I would like to check here before reporting to SAP.


PS - a curiosity: When badi HRXSS_PER_FOR_ADD_CSSCR is activated, it completely takes over. Badi ENH_FOREIGN_ADDRESS_IMPL is not even called and thus V_T77XSSPERFORADD does not play any role.

(It's irrelevant to the problem itself, but an interesting finding.)