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Jan 06, 2012 at 02:33 PM

Mapping between One OB Interface and Two IB Interfaces(IDOC & Proxy)


Hello Everyone,

Let me 1st just brief you all about my requirement.

It is Third Party to SAP async scenario.

I am having one outbound interface and two inbound interfaces (i.e. IDOC & Proxy).

Proxy has only one field i.e. Unique ID.

I need to generate an unique ID in PI which will be assigned to control segment field of IDOC and also to the Unique ID field of proxy.

Outbound Interface is 0..unbounded. For each record in it we need to genrate the IDOC and park it in ECC.

at the same time we need to invoke the inbound proxy and send it the PI Unique ID generated to it.

(PI Unique ID will be a concatenation of the StreamTransformationConstants.TIME_SENT and the source field.)

Inbound proxy is also 0..unbounded.

So please advice me. should I go with multi mapping (one MM & one OM) or should I go for separate mappings (2 MM & 2 OM) for IDOC & Proxy?