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Jan 06, 2012 at 06:06 AM

dest.storag bin change during putaway foreground in LT04



For creating TO from TR , we run LB10, and select "TO in foreground", open (LT04), when we create TO (LT04 ) - on first item, we select "Putaway foreground" (icon >lifter with plus sign), shows Palletization screen, here system automatically purposes,

Destination storage type, storage section and storage bin.

also purposes quant, storage unit .

Here (in the same screen) can we change destination storage section(allowed) and bin(allowed) ?

Storage type setting:

Putaway strategy is : I > addition to existing stock

Destination bin change during confirmation = 1 allowed ( i understand , it means we can change distination storage bin during TO confirmation )

Secondly, i know we can enter storage type, section and bin in LT04 main screen, and go to "Palletization".

it purposes remaining elements like Quant, storge unit.