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Jan 05, 2012 at 03:18 PM

RBDAPP01 - Many arfc jobs tirggered - Why ?


Hello all,

we have an issue here on a solution being implemented. We want to process idoc DEBMAS in mass.

> A program creates idocs ready to be processed (64 status), seems OK

> in WE20 DEBMAS is set up to process in background (no immediate processing)

> We call rbdapp01 to process these idocs (DEBMAS). We use parallel processing here when calling the program.

> When job runs we see that parallel dialogs tasks are called to process the idocs

> But when we check in SM37 after that wee see that there are lots of arfc jobs tirggered too.

My question is,

as here we set up WE20 to process incoming indoc via background program why do we have these arfc jobs triggered ??

We thought that during RBDAPP01 dialogs tasks will be used to process in parallel mode but we do not understand whay we have also thes arfc* jobs created.

Could someone help me on that point ?

Thanks a lot for your help,