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Jan 05, 2012 at 02:13 PM




We are experiencing problem with the connection of a second SharePoint system to our main Development SCL system.

All configurations made from back-end to SCL and connection of the first SharePoint system works fine and we see all the data from back-end.

But now we want to connect second SharePoint system to the same SCL and it fails with the error: SSFW_KRN_VERIFY

This is the same error as mentioned in the "Troubleshooting - Duet Enterprise 1.0" guide. We have completed the steps for the solution here but still we get the same error message. I have compared our certificate setup in STRUST to our current working SharePoint to SCL setup and they look the same.

I have completed: On running configuration wizard I exported SSL certificate of SCL`s system and provided it to SharePoint administrator. SAML2 configuration looks fine too. But when SharePoint tries to connect to SCL system it fails. If you look at SRTUTIL logs you see error:

SSFW_KRN_VERIFY failed with: verification failed, see decrypted digest

Error in ST program SEC_SAML_ASSERTION_IN when importing XML data

Many thanks