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Former Member
Apr 26, 2005 at 02:27 AM

Stylesheet used for XLS PreCalculation


Dear Experts,

We want to precalculate a Query in Report Agent in XLS format and process further the created XLS document. In the underlying query we use a hierarchy on a characteristic which leads to a non user friendly precalculation result as the XLS shows the Hierarchy totals/subtotals in the same way (samel font/color)as all other nodes.

As we did not find a way to solve this problem in BEx we thought to enhance the underlying stylesheet of the used Webtemplate in Report Agent as the Hierarchy node specific attributes (color/font) can be changed there. But it does not work for XLS precalculations - the stylesheet change does not take effect on the XLS document!


1) any other idea how we can emphasize nodes on the hierarchy?

2)or where is the standard SAP stylesheet for XLS precalculations?