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Jan 05, 2012 at 09:15 AM

SP01 spool request export as text



I have an issue with the Export as text facility in SP01 and SP02. When I select Spool Request > Forward > Export as text, an output file is saved to F:\SAP. I would like to change this but have been unable to. Here is what I have tried :

1) Use transaction S021 to change the location of my working directory. I have changed it to F:\SAP\HELP\ but this is not changed when I do the Export as text

2) I check function module WS_ULDL_PATH, both download path and upload path show F:\SAP\HELP\

3) I have set SU01 paramters for GR8 and GR9 to F:\SAP\HELP\

but this has not helped

4) I have done registry searches for the default location of the Export as text (F:\SAP) but it does not appear to be in the registry

5) I have checked the SAP GUI options for Local Data and this is not set to F:\SAP

Does anyone know how I can change the location for the Spool Export as text