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Apr 25, 2005 at 11:01 PM

Accessing calculated string value attribute at runtime from Custom Control


I created a table that is populated with data of a SAP system but two of the columns are populated with strings from a Custom controller's context value attribute mapped to the view controllers context.

They pull data from an Adaptive RFC depending on the data

one renders an image from a set stored in the appropriate \<Project Name>\src\mimes\Components\ folder and the other string is parsed and the last four characters of the string are dropped and renders the result.

The source in the image property and the text property in the textview have the appropriate mapping location to receive the values.

The problem is when the table is rendered through an action button those two columns are blank.

On troubleshooting the problem i hard-coded the values in the property fields and they display. I then hard coded them in the get method()in the custom controller to check if the problem was my code.It did not display.Thus concluding that the mapping configuration is wrong.This could also be a wrong conclusion.

I have tried different configurations to no avail those two columns remain elusive.Any input would highly be appreciated.