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Jan 05, 2012 at 05:17 AM

CIN J1IH Other Adjustments Posting to PLA BED Account



We are in ECC 6.00 (patch level 011). For a particular item code of material chapter id is defined in J1ID. MIGO, J1IEX, MIRO & payment done. But J2IUN is not yet run. Now the user wants to reverse the cenvat credit (since the material is not cenvat receivable). In this situation when t.code J1IH is used with Other Adjustments tab in simulation system showed correct accounts viz.

Cenvat Clearing Account Dr

Cenvat Receivable Account Cr

But when posting is done it credited PLA BED Account instead of Cenvat Receivable Account.

Sap Note No.1490079 No User warning for negative value posting to PLA --J1IH.

Sap Note No.1559435 FAQ -- Sales under J1IH

Q) J1IH Other Adjustments posts to PLA account even when RG23A or C option has been selected.

A) Ensure that there is sufficient balance in RG23 register before posting else

Deactivate # Automatic adjustment # at company code level.

Even though there is credit balance in Cenvat Receivable Account in Testing Client system is giving credit to Cenvat Receivable Account only and not to PLA BED Account when entry is passed in J1IH -- Other Adjustments.

In our case, RG23A & C is showing credit balance since some debit entries are pending(prior to SAP CIN implementation) in production client.

Before passing those entries user made use of J1IH Other Adjustments and now there is Credit in PLA Account and PLA BED Register is updated.

Now it is requested as

1) How to reverse the entry passed in J1IH -- Other Adjustments which already hit credit of PLA Account. There is a credit balance of Rs.2,78,000/-

2) How to deactivate # Automatic Adjustment # at company code level as per note number 1559435. Will there be any impact if it is deactivated ?

3) Or can we apply note number 1490079 to overcome these types of issues in future since it takes some time to pass debit entries (prior to sap cin) in Cenvat Receivable Account.

Early reply is highly solicited