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Jan 04, 2012 at 06:06 PM

Stock confirmation in Checking Horizon


Hi All

We are frequently facing problems in creating STO deliveries. We have GATP and use the checking horizon to confirm the qty. However several times, we find that stock is available yet the Stock Transfer delivery comes out to be of '0' qty or '0 qty is confirmed.

For example:

i have two STOs for same material from same plant A, with required delivery dates. I have partial stock to fulfill the first STO (with closer delivery date ) and full qty for STO required later.

In this case the stock gets allocated to later STO and nothing is confirmed to initial one.!

I thought system should give preference to delivery dates and would commit in chronological order.

This is getting bigger and bigger concern everyday! Can you please suggest the appropriate way to resolve this, (rather than manually going in BOPI every time)

Thanks in advance