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Jan 04, 2012 at 05:59 PM



Dear Expert,

We are facing one big problem that we are having 6 plant and intransit list is getting increased day to day because one plant do stock transfer note and other plant do the GRN so less quantity then the balance quantity remains in transit list.

When we ask the reason for intransit to plants then they keep on aruging that this plant has given us this much material and other plants says that we have done the GRN of actually received material.

How to overcome from this issue.

In have one suggest but i dont know the t-code and also don't know that whether this suggestion will solve the intransit.

My suggestion is one plant who required the material will put the material requistion and other plant will give the material as per the quantity available with them. But please provide me the T-code and overall process in detailsR