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Jan 04, 2012 at 01:38 PM

Bex 3.5 : hide variable screen popup running SAPBEXrefresh


Hi all,

We need to create a simple tool specifying a file list of excel workbooks containing queries to be refereshed.

Thanks to the doc of "boeke" and the precious Peter Knoer's posts, I've done the following :

> log on BW,

then for each workbook in the specified file list,

> open workbook,

then for each query of the opened workbook ,

> get Variables from the "SAPBEXqueries" worksheet

> Run SAPBEXsetVariables ("Memory and reuse variable values" option is ticked on)

> Run SAPBEXrefresh

..and so on

Everything works fine, except that each time the SAPBEXrefresh runs, the variable screen pops up with the "free caracteristics" input. I've nothing to input in there : and if click on the run button (F8), it continues correctly.

How can I get rid off this variable screen popup from the refresh process ?

Thanks in advance for all your helps,