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Jan 04, 2012 at 01:13 PM

Transport BEx element


Hello Experts,

I have made modification to a single column (just delete the restriction and this column does not contain CKF/RKF) in BEx query in Development system. I have to transport this change to Quality system. I want to transport only change that I have made to this query since there are lot of changes for this query between Dev and Qty system. When I look into transport connection for this query, it shows many elements (ex 4JGAHY8R9N7KAPZC0GZUI3CWA) and I can not identify the element to which I have made change. Now my question is, how can I identify my column under elements list so that I can select it and transport. Is there any way to identify this by using column description in any table OR any different method to identify this?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance,