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Apr 25, 2005 at 03:21 PM

Getting 403 on SLD Logon



Here is some quick background info. We are running EP6 SP9 SR1. I'm trying to setup the SLD so we can use Web Dynpro. I initially didn't have any problem logging into http://<system>:<port>/sld. But the SLD wasn't working properly after configuration. So I did some reading in the "SLD User Manual for Web AS 640 / NetWeaver 04". On the last page, it says

"To manually assign security roles to user groups in the Visual Administrator, you go to the

SLD Service screen and click with the quick info text Assign User Groups to Roles. The

user groups are then assigned to the relevant security roles..."

So I did this. Well, that apparently broke something because now when I go to http://<server>:<port>/sld and try to authenticate, I get a 403 Access Forbidden. I've tried both UserIDs and Passwords that worked before.

Is there some config file I can edit manually related to this that got messed up when I did the above?