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Jan 04, 2012 at 10:40 AM

CK24 with ML and inventory upload in previous period-costing release:C+811


Hi all,

we had a cutover issue, where I still dont get what went wrong. May be you can tell me:

- we have ML active (S-price and determination 3 - multi level)

- material master migration done

- MM period (MMPV) set to 1/2012

- inventory upload with 31.12.2011 (=12/2011)

- no material documents with financial impact in 1/2012 - only 16

movements with batch to batch

- 852 materials with inventory

- costing release ok for materials without inventory (CK40N/CK24)

- costing release error with C+811 for all materials with inventory (852)

OSS note Hinweis 574930 - Material Ledger Status zurücksetzen

was implemented.

Program ZCKML_RESET_STATUS_OF_PERIOD was executed, but all materials with

inventory are still on status 30.

However, the Z-program was not able to set the status back to 10 (from 30), so that release worked.

What we did at the end was book out all inventory (on batch level), ran then ZCKML_RESET_STATUS_OF_PERIOD - got status 10 for material and then released the costing. Then uploaded again the stock, where we got correctly inventory values according to migrated S-Price (in 12/2011) with also a price change document in 1/2012 according to difference S-price <> costed/released price. Then upload inventory again to 31.12.2011 (movement type 561).

Somehow the program was not willing to set status 10 in CKMLPP.... Here the status from OSS note:

Not defined '00'

New objects '01'

Period opened '10'

Price change completed '20'

Quantities and values entered '30'

Values entered '31'

Price determined single-level '40'

Price determined multi-level '50'

Closing entry reversed '60'

Closing entry performed '70'

My problem is: why was the costing release not possible? There were no movments of materials in 2012. We always will have this situation over month end:

- run MMPV

- release costing (with stock of course in the previous period)

Any ideas?