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Jan 04, 2012 at 10:21 AM

Dual Maintenance Strategies in upgrade


Hello Experts,

During upgrade we want to maintain Dual Maintenance. I.e development in SAP 4.7 (Non unicode - single code page) system needs to be replicated in ECC6.0 unicode system, untill code freeze before go live in 2013.

We have below 3 options:

1 - Dual Development seperately in both 4.7 & ECC6 system.

2 - Import Transport Requests from 4.7 to ECC6.0 ( Not sure whether this is possible).

3 - There is a third strategy as well.

I am not exactly sure, how it will be used.

But something like doing data refresh from 4.7 (with new developments) on to the ECC6 system & then again upgrading the system to ECC6.

As I said, I have heard of this strategy being used, but never experienced my self.

we are heavily reluctant to go with option 1 as it requires double manual efforts & development is huge in our project.

Moreover there will be likelihood of human errors.

about option 2 I am not sure whether this is technically feasible & if it is what can be considerations need to be taken care of.

If anyone has any better idea on Dual Maintenance would be of great help.

Best answer will get all the points 😊


Sachin Bhatt