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Jan 04, 2012 at 10:09 AM

Probelm with Capacity management & Data Migration


Hi Gurus,

Currently I'm working in a WM project and basically I'm a MM guy. Client has 3 requirements which I'm not sure how to configure.

1. They have a storage type called closed area where n number of bins are there and each bin = 1 pallet. Storage unit management has been active for the respective storage type.

There will be no mixed pallet i.e each bin having homogeneous material.

I've configure like this

Putaway Strategy - P ( Palletization)

capacity Check Method: 2 - Check base on palletization, SU has been flaged and SUT is flagged.

In Material Master WM1 view, capacity usage is 1 and UOM for capacity usage is PAL and palletization is maintained in WM 2 view.

Apart from that is there any thing I missed out in configuration?

2. There are two Open storage type for finished and components. Each Open storage type having mutiple bins like A01,A02, A03 and so on. Each bin is having pallet capcity say 500 pallets, 1000 pallets They want one area like A is treated as one bin with mutiple pallets capacity with homogeneous material in one pallet. Client want capacity check to be active for all area.SUM is also active How to configure the same in SAP?

3. Client wants a Mixed storage type to be created where non homogenous material can be kept in one bin. 1 bin = 1 pallet and SU has been activate for this also. Client want capacity check also to be addressed in Mixed storage area. How to configure the same in SAP?

4. Client is running on SAP WM and now SUM and Capacity check has been activated for some storage type. Now we are planning for data migration. In production server they have stock in bins and we need to activate SUM and capacity check. What could be the best solution for data migration. Can all the stock transfer to 998 interim storage and transfer again to respective stoarge type.Can anyone share me the thought.

Still nobody has replied with my first three questions.

Your valuable suggestion will be appreciated.



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