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Apr 25, 2005 at 11:29 AM

Loading Customer Master - the additional fields


Hi, i am new to SAP so please correct me if im saying something stupid.

I am trying to load the customer master but i have been having trouble populating some the the fields found in the XD01 transaction e.g. street1, 2 and 3, email address. Methods i have used.

1. LSMW and program RFBIDE00. This was fine loading the standard customer fields but didnt have the additional fields.

2.I looked in the documentation for the above program and it said use BAPI object BUS4001 (method SAVEREPLICA) to populate the additional fields which i did passing "KNA1" and the customer number that was created using RFBIDE00. However, rather than overwriting/populating the fields of the customer master that was already loaded, it created another record in table ADRC with a different ADDRNUMBER from the original address data. There was no where in the mapping section of LSMW to allow me to specify ADDRNUMBER.

3. I also tried IDOC message type DEBMAS in LSMW but out of the 6 versions of the message i still couldnt find the additional fields street1 ,2 ,3 and email address etc

So i guess i have 2 questions.

Q1.Is there a way to specify ADDRNUMBER using method 2?

Q2. If not, what other methods are there to allow me to load these additional fields?

Your help is very much appreciated

Thank you