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Jan 03, 2012 at 10:42 AM

Data Extract from ECC and send to PI


Hello All,

Currenlty I need to do an data extract from ECC then validate the data and map to some fields in PI and sent to ECC,

i.e currently we are using Data stage(DS) 7.5 version where we are doing data extraction from ECC via some ABAP program and BAPI and after the extraction will do some validation in DS against the extracted value and map to few feilds in PI and send it to SAP.

And now they planned to go for next version in DS i.e 8.5, due to some licesne problem they are planning to remove this DS and instead we need to go for some other option to extract data from ECC and sent it PI.

can you please suggest the possible way for this data extraction apart from BODS? or else how about this BODS tool do we need to install it seperately? If so client dont want to do any investment for this ? Pls suggest the possible ways.

Your help will be much appreciated.