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Jan 03, 2012 at 10:32 AM

Customer Complaints Processing.



I am trying to do cusotmer complaints processing. For this I have defined the Reasons for complaints with the abbrivation RETN for the sales document type RE (Return) and given a tick mark for the changeable and check qty. and the followup document for the return is Subsequent free of charge delivery (SDF) document type.

I hope what I did is enough, or is there any other thing to do to address customer complaint process flow ?

I have created a sales order for the qty-3.for a material M1

then there was a Return of qty-1 of material M1

I have also done the PGR and VF01 and got the credit memo.

Now when I try to do CMP_PROCESSING, I am getting the error message as:

"There is a return that has not been processed for item 000000

Message no. VCMP012"

What exactly I am missing and where ? Could any one have any suggestions please.