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Jan 02, 2012 at 06:32 PM

Consolidation of Equity/Invesment roll up issue


Hello Gurus,

I am implementing SAP BPC 7.5 NW, SP07.

We have 4 consolidation levels, all levels have around 2-3 entities. When we run Legal Consolidation at the Consolidation level 1, the equity that we have eliminated at Consolidation level 3 and 2 doesnt get rolled up though equity eliminated at level 4 gets rolled up to level 1 in AJ_ELIM data source. Due to this, we have balance in equity accounts though everything should get eliminated except the equity of the holding company. Equity eliminations are working fine at their respective Consolidation levels.

For example

Consolidation level 4

Entity 2400 (subsidiary) Equity GL 100000 INR 100000

Entity 2300 (holding of 2400) Equity GL 100000 INR 250000

At level 4 Equity of 2400 INR 100000 is getting emlimiated perfectly

Consolidation level 3

Entity 2000 (holding of 2300) Equity GL 100100 INR 600000

Entity 2100 (subsidiary of 2000) Equity GL 10000 INR 300000

At Consolidation level 3, equity elimination of 2300 and 2100 is working perfectly fine.

At Consolidation level 1, ideally Equity GL 100000 and 100100 should be zero because they should have no balance when seen with flow AJ_ELIM. But only GL 100000 is balancing to zero and not GL 100100. I dont understand why? Configuration is the same.

Any ideas...?