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Apr 25, 2005 at 07:08 AM

Add data to XML file segment & convert to IDOC with SAP Business Connector



I am working with SAP Business Connector 4.7. The szenario is to get XML files from a 3rd party through https, the Business Connector gets the file, should add some mandatory data to special segments in the XML file and then convert it to SAP IDOC format, then send it to a connected SAP R/3 System.

It works so far, but without the adding of the mandatory data (which is everytime the same) to the elements of the segment. The type is QALITY02 and the segment I am trying to add the data to is EDI_DC40 (it's the control segment of the file). I need to do this with the Business Connector, because the segment EDI_DC40 of the IDOC type QALITY02 is not reachable in the SALE in the R/3 system.

Does anybody has some input on adding data to XML file segments with the Business Connector? Which service can I use? Can I add the data during the direct conversion from XML to IDOC (service: decode)?

Thanks in advance for your help!