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Dec 22, 2016 at 10:48 AM

IVS assignment error on Custom OVS assignment on the SAP Sales Order Item level


Hello Experts,

I have a requirement of assigning the custom defined OVS for one of the extension field on the sales order item. I am aware of the process and having the past experience in doing this, but now I am facing a strange error. Below is the error

Now I will explain the context and so please correct me how I can proceed further to eliminate this from the passage

Business Scenario:

On Material master we have purchasing tab and under that we have another sub tab called "Supplier Part Numbers" which holds multiple suppliers and assigned part numbers for that particular material with lead time.

On the Material BO in studio this supplier part number information is available in the node Supplier Information(o ,n cardinality). In this node no alternative key reference available for any of the fields. I am trying to develop a custom OVS on top of this node of Material BO and this I am trying to show as an user selection OVS field on the item level of the sales order so that user can key in the supplier part number to know the product information as how we can be able to do by keying in the customer part number information.

I added an extension field on Item node of Sales Order BO with data type ProductPartyID (Referring to the Supplier Part Number in the Supplier Information node on Material BO).

Using Extensible explorer I tried to change the ID field configuration to assign the OVS developed and then faced the above error.

Please let me know if something missed out and needed to be corrected. What does this IVS error refers to I am suspecting this because there is no key referencing in the selected node (supplier information)


mmxg7.png (16.8 kB)