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Apr 23, 2005 at 06:39 AM

Help Required in user exit


Hi all,

I tried user exit in transaction ME21(MM06E005) , i am using this exit to add customer specific fields in the header(screen 101). This fields are stored in EKKO table ,there is a ci include(CI_EKKOP) in this table. I double clicked this customer include and added one field in it and stored it locally . Immediately i could able to see the field in the table EKKO but the problem is now i want to disable this include but i am not able to do this .The same way i created the sunscreen 101 for this exit and now i am not able to disable this( i want to revert this like it was before) , the same way i clicked a function module exit in this and stored it locally and now i am not able to disable this.

Please guide me in this .