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Dec 30, 2011 at 12:16 PM

Sorting functionality in ALV Grid report is affected when we use check box.


Hi Gurus,

My query is:

Without using the checkbox field, the sorting is the alv report output is proper. i.e. the sorted firld is displayed only once.

OUTPUT EXAMPLE 1 : (1st column is sorted)

YOP0001 ACB 2000

DEF 3000

But when i use the checkbox functionality on some other field (not on the sorted field).The field value that was displayed only once is displayed on each and every row.

OUTPUT EXAMPLE 2 : (1st column is sorted)

YOP0001 ACB 2000 <checkbox>

YOP0001 DEF 3000 <checkbox>

I would like to have the checkbox at the end of every row with first column sorted as in output example 1.

Thanks & Regards

Dheeraj Bulchandani