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Apr 23, 2005 at 02:03 AM

Workflow: Synchronous Dialog Chain is broken


I have two dialog steps, both with the same possible agents. After the first step I save the actual agent in a WF container element and assign that as the agent of the second dialog step. There are some background steps between the two dialog steps.

Can anyone tell me why the second dialog step is sent to actual agent's Inbox instead of executing in Immediate Dialog mode.

The steps are something like this:

Dialog Step1 determines the Responsible agents using a rule (works fine).

Step 2: saves the actual agent in a WF Container element z_actual_agent.

Dialog Step 3 is assigned z_actual_agent as an expression.

Step 3 is sent to the user's Inbox instead of executing as an Immediate Dialog.

All dialog steps have 'Advance with dialog' checked.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.