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Dec 30, 2011 at 05:08 AM

Query on User Group


I am trying to set up personnel actions & getting confused about what value I should use for user group. in "Own Data" (under System -> User Profile), the parameters set are MOL = 40 and UGR = 40. In my project, there are two types of HR users.

The first type of users can are allowed to create/maintain personnel actions like "Hire Applicant", "Direct Hiring" for all employee subgroups except "Senior Management Staff" & "Top Management Staff". They are not allowed to create/maintain these actions for senior management & top mgmt staff because of confidentiality reasons. However, the second type of users (like HR Manager) are allowed to execute these actions. Also, only the second type of users are allowed to create/maintain personnel actions like "Transfer', "Promotion", Separation" etc.

Hence, I need two user groups each having access to a different set of personnel actions. Also, for the same personnel actions (like "Hire Applicant" & "Direct Hiring"), the access to create/maintain the actions for the user groups should depend on the employee subgroup.

How should I go about configuring this? Please guide me.