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Dec 29, 2011 at 11:57 AM

Direct database table entry deletion: What are the problems



I need to develop a ZRFC to delete the Material-specification association with MICs in the transaction code QS61. Actually, I have checked with SAP & got confirmation that there are no BAPIs or RFC existing to delete it. Even, BDC approach too failed for QS61 since the NEXT-PAGE & SCROLLING are not supported in BDC (the QS61 transaction is not meant from BDC (Confirmed by SAP) & so there is no find/focus a line button). So, i will have to develop the ZRFC using the direct database table deletion approach.

I am developing the ZRFC which deletes the QMSP (Master table for Material specifictaions) entries with the statement DELETE FROM QMSP where MIC is ....

Now the question is,

1) What are the consequences of dierct database entry deletion from a ZRFC in SAP?

2) I heard that it will create problem at the time of SAP auditing, Is it true? Will it really create a problem during audting??

So, Please help me with your valuable inputs. I will APPRECIATE IF I GET A SAP NOTE/DOCUMENT for the answers.

Thanks in advance,

~ Guru