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Dec 29, 2011 at 10:11 AM

BRF-- How to reevaluate approvers if document is changed?


Hi Forum,

We have implemented the BADIs /SAPSRM/BD_WF_PROCESS_CONFIG and /SAPSRM/BD_WF_RESP_RESOLVER for dynamically creating process levels and assigning approvers to the same.

If we create a new RFQ the BADI triggers as soon as RFx Type is selected and Start button is pressed, since there is no data in the RFQ at this point approval tab shows only the Automatic Approval step but even after entering the relevant data in RFQ screen like plant and item details and publishing the RFQ, it shows only the same Automatic Approval step and approvers are not determined according to our logic since the BADI is not triggered.

This works fine if we copy from an existing RFQ since it already contains the relevant data but in the copied RFQ also if we change the field values the approvers are not reevaluated.

Is this the standard behaviour of SRM system? If yes how to reevaluate of trigger the BRF logic again on publishing the docunent to changing the field values?

Thank you,