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Dec 29, 2011 at 09:08 AM

Messages in FPM



I am enhancing std wd component which is using FPM .

My Req is : I have to put a field by name HOURS on a view and check the no the of hours to be less than 12 .

If the no.of hours exceeds 12, I have to raise error message .

I have raised error message in WDDOBEFOREACTION and its working also.

Now the question is : When ever I raise error message , the ramaining mothods of std component are executed and the data is saved as per standard code. Here what I want is, whenever the message is raised,the std component process should be stooped and then whenever the user enters less than 12 hours,then the data should be saved.

Plz let me know how to stop the process of saving whever error msg is raised?